Recorded Future Partners with CLICO


The CLICO portfolio now includes the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform.

CLICO — the largest with 100% Polish capital value added distributor - since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In the first quarter of 2021, CLICO finalized an agreement with Recorded Future and introduced its Security Intelligence Platform to its distribution portfolio. The Recorded Future solution organizes and analyzes threat data in an entirely new and different way for faster and more accurate security.

"By observing the global economy and the remarkable development of technology companies in recent years, we can definitely say that it is data that is the most valuable. Data has become a desirable resource. On one hand desirable for companies, organizations and countries, but on the other hand, for cybercriminals lurking for them, because stealing means a huge profit. What do cybercriminals know about our organization or are they planning something? Is there a quick way to know if and what data leaked from our organization to the dark web? Is there a transparent mechanism to show the current cyber world threats that are relevant to our organization? Finally, can you reduce the time required to confirm and manage security incidents? We can answer all these questions and address these needs by implementing Recorded Future’s solution, available in CLICO distribution portfolio from March 2021, which we are very happy about." - says Aivars Rudziss, Regional Manager at CLICO Baltics.

The Security Intelligence Platform produces an unmatched volume of contextual data that is vital to accelerate the decision making of security teams. The combination of machine analytics with human analysis and expertise allows for the use of an unrivaled source of information collected from a variety of feeds, like: open and dark web, as well as exclusive technical sources.

“Our platform contextualizes 850,000 sources, including 1,500 dark web hacking forums, six billion entities, and 75 billion references - making us the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security. We accelerate the work of security teams by reducing the time needed to manage incidents, and enable visibility into open and classified sources to give users insight into what threats and vulnerabilities are actually important in the organization.” - adds Mateusz Olszewski, Sales Executive Eastern Europe at Recorded Future. “We are excited to partner with CLICO as the only complete and universal security intelligence platform in their distributor's portfolio, and our partnership will strengthen our position on the market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.”

CLICO distribution contract is valid in Poland and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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