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Tufin is the leading provider of Security Lifecycle Management solutions that enable companies to cost-effectively manage their network security policy, comply with regulatory standards, and minimize risks.

Providing network security for today's enterprise is a continuous process of implementing corporate policy, fielding daily change requests, and demonstrating compliance with standards. For most organizations, this has become a complex, resource-intensive operation involving dozens of components, often located at distributed sites and maintained by multiple teams. At the same time, regulatory agencies are demanding increasingly rigorous standards of transparency and accountability. To successfully align day-to-day operations with security objectives, companies need complete visibility into security policy across the organization - as well as the necessary tools to automate and manage the security lifecycle efficiently. Tufin offers a comprehensive solution for security officers that enable them to implement, manage and audit security policy faster, more easily, and more accurately than ever before. From the very first security audit, Tufin dramatically reduces the cost of firewall operations. Most customers report a return on their initial investment within 6 months of purchase.



Description of technology

Cloud Security - Cloud Security Posture Management

Tufin’s SecureCloud - Providing monitoring of the configuration of the cloud environment based on own rules or in relation to the CIS standard, visualization of the environment, analysis of network connections in relation to defined rules, detecting violations and grouping of workloads in any way using tags.

Cloud Security - Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Tufin’s SecureCloud - Security requirements in CI / CD processes, detection of violations and unsafe network connections in various structure environments, connection monitoring in a container environment, management of security policies

Network Security Policy Management

TUFIN ORCHESTRATION SUITE - Tufin platform ensures precise management of changes to the security policy of firewalls, network devices or private and public cloud solutions. It also allows to verify the configuration in terms of compliance with the requirements of standards and legal regulations as well as effective risk management. It allows to control complex sets of firewall rules and allows for their more optimal maintenance. Tufin Orchestration Suite consists of three tools: Secure Track - security policy manager, enables systematic collection of firewall rules configuration and their detailed analysis, e.g. in terms of risk level or compliance with standards (PCI DSS, SOX). Secure Change - a workflow that will systematize the contact between users, managers and administrators in the field of obtaining and granting access to specific resources at the level of firewall rules. It can automatically design policy changes and implement them directly on the required devices. Secure App - application connection manager, allows for a precise and convenient description of network connections required by applications and their immediate implementation.

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