eSecure SecureVisio

SecureVisio is a modern IT GRC (Governance, Risk management, Compliance) solution designed for any organization, that allows to automate many complex and time-consuming IT security management processes.


Description of technology


SIEM - eSecure SecureVisio offers a new generation SIEM with dynamically generated correlation rules based on electronic IT security documentation and GDPR documentation. Alerts about detected security incidents generated by SIEM include business context and priority (e.g. the risk of personal data leak, the risk of blocking critical business processes).


SOAR/SOC - eSecure SecureVisio offers complete Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) functionality. The solution has been designed to be used in any organization and as SOC platform. It allows you to automate complex and time-consuming IT security management processes, including one of the most difficult processes — the analysis of impact of security incidents on the actual business and resulting risks. The main feature of SecureVisio are the tools designed from scratch that support organizations in meeting the latest requirements of GDPR regarding personal data protection.

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